We're a team from the HFT world that believes:

  • Existing exchanges are insufficient; both institutions and retail deserve better and they'll come to demand better.
  • Infrastructure for analysis, trading, and hedging blockchain assets are in their very infancy. We're committed to helping build the missing pieces.

BitBridge's exchange product is a best-in-class platform, engineered by a team who've spent their careers building some of the fastest software and custom hardware ever to touch any market. We take performance, reliability, and security seriously.

Engineering @ BitBridge

C++ and Python3. Modern JS on the frontend. Hybrid cloud.

As one of our first engineering hires:

  • You'll be directing and implementing the design of many critical infrastructure pieces
  • You will work with the founders directly
  • You will wear all sorts of hats (Mostly figuratively; we don't provide hats)

Our Must-Haves

  • Modern DevOps expertise: Terraform, CI/CD, Serverless, AWS wizardry
  • Experience in developing high availability services
  • Strong core understanding of networking primitives
  • Modern JS experience on a production app -- ReactJS/Redux/ES6
  • CS or Engineering Degree

Your core tech stack:

  • Modern JS, Go/Python/JS, AWS/Terraform
  • Creativity and rigor

Why Join Us

  1. We are dedicated to building an anti-bullshit culture.
  2. You will be part of a highly technical team.
  3. You appreciate the balance between good snark and a team who loves what they do.
  4. We offer a bonus model competitive with the high finance world, not just the typical startup lottery tickets.
  5. We’re making something people want.

BitBridge values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, location, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran, or disability status.